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Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing are processes that restore or improve the structural integrity of a tree that is worth preserving. Individual limbs or the entire tree may be cabled and braced. Fasteners are attached to the weakened limb and the main trunk. Using the least invasive method to damaging the cambian layer of a tree's truck, a come-along and choker is used to apply tension to the weakened limb. Heavy duty cables are then prepared and attached to each fastener to provide the correct amount of support for the weakened limb.While it sounds like a relatively simple process, it takes a great deal of technical expertise and experience to know how to go about it in a manner that protects the longevity of the living tree and the safety of those around it. Our service personnel are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of cabling and bracing.


When Is Cable Bracing Required?


  • Weak or Structurally Suspect Crotches in Tree

  • The Appearance of a Crack At or Just Below a Crotch

  • Tight "V" Crotch with Included Bark

  • A Split at a Primary Trunk Crotch

  • Multi-Stem Trees with Suspect Crotches

  • Trees with Heavy Foliage

  • Stress Damage from Wind, Weight of Snow, Rain or Ice

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