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Tree Removals

There are many reasons why trees need to be removed and careful evaluation by a trained certified arborist can determine if the tree in fact needs to be removed


  • The tree is dead or is dying.

  • The tree is hazardous and the hazard can not be corrected through pruning or other corrective measures.


There are many factors to consider when faced with the possibility of removing a tree. These include:


  • Life expectancy of the tree.

  • Desirability of the tree species.

  • Amount of space allowable for tree growth.

  • Overall quality and structural integrity of the tree.

  • Persistent and uncontrollable insect, disease or fruiting problems.

  • Frequency and extensiveness of the tree's maintenance requirements.

  • Feasibility and timeliness in which a replacement tree will be planted.

  • Proximity and quality of trees near to the one considered for removal.

  • Wishes and desires of the property owner/resident.

  • Quality and extent of past pruning and other tree maintenance practices the tree has undergone.

  • Extent and frequency of damage the tree is causing to surrounding infrastructure such as sidewalks, streets, sewers, etc.

  • Location of the tree with regard to street lights, traffic control devices, intersection sight lines and the requirements of the tree related to available growing space.


In all instances where tree removal is considered, all options available tothe home or business owner will be addressed.

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